When it comes to Facebook and your brand it can be a challenge to stand out from the rest of the noise that pops up on your followers’ timelines. Discovering the best way to stand out and separate yourself from your competition will give you an edge with your customers.

Curious how you can cut through the clutter? A recently conducted a study of marketing professionals might have the information you need to win the attention of consumers.

This study was compiled from a comprehensive look at data of 800 million Facebook posts created in 2016. BuzzSumo, who conducted research, looked into the number of shares, comments and likes on every post included in the study and total engagement as a whole.

Something that was immediately discovered from the study is that consumers interact most often with short Facebook posts. Rather than bombard your followers with lots of unnecessary detail, condense your posts. Give them what they need to know and if they have additional questions, comments or concerns they’ll ask. When a post has more than 50 characters engagement and interaction significantly goes down.

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In addition to keeping posts short, brands can stand out by posting during times that are less busy. Lower trafficked times are usually late at night or on Sunday and Monday. On average these off-peak time posts will receive more interaction and attention. Posting at atypical times can help give your brand extra attention it needs. Sure the amount of people searching through content might be lower, but your likelihood of being seen is much greater.

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Are you wanting to increase the number of likes on your average post? If so, you should include a question. The posts that receive the most likes have a question in the content.

Aiming to get your content shared amongst your audience and their network? Videos get the most shares compared to other posts.

A helpful tip when you are getting ready to post content for your brand’s account, keep in mind what types of posts you like to see. Chances are, you enjoy posts with photos, videos, graphics, etc. and are much more likely to make you stop and give the post your attention.

Not sure if you are doing a great job at grabbing attention? Give your brand a small self-evaluation and scroll through your posts. Do you see color? Or just black and white?

Do your eyes stop at certain posts and make you want to check out what you posted once again? If your social media doesn’t draw you in it won’t draw in consumers. Let this be the year your brand focuses on gaining attention and growing revenue.