It is a question I ask our clients and prospects regularly.  It is also the source of frequently complaints from our clients.  The internal marketing staff.

Businesses across the nation, both large and small are struggling to grow and adapt to new marketing strategies.  Their marketing staff, when they aren’t pretending to be “working” on Facebook, are failing to generate ideas that truly make an impact.  We often meet with these businesses when they are behind the 8-ball and have ran out of other options.

So, what causes this problem?  Marketing today is about more than just a clever tag line and artwork.  Our clients are expected to reach consumers of all types, in a variety of different ways, through multiple channels of communication.

In order to do this effectively, a marketing strategy (and the team behind it) need to be well disciplined in several different skill sets.  It will take superior social media skills to craft the right campaign, exceptionally well-connected media planners to execute your PR strategy, innovative web developers to create the right online presence, and probably an Oscar-worthy video production to grab the consumer’s attention.  That’s just the beginning…

Chances are, your marketing department doesn’t have all these skill sets.  More than likely, you’ve got a team full of individuals that are mediocre in a few of these skills and inexperienced in all the rest.  Please don’t mention that exciting new intern you have coming in… That’ll just make things worse.

Average marketing teams produce average marketing results.  Unless they are truly a student of their profession, they also produce stale marketing ideas.  Sure they may keep your social accounts and websites up-to-date, but is that bringing you new sales?

The fix:
Smart businesses today are paying for efficiency and results.  They don’t have the money to pay extra staff to sit around and surf the web.  They need expertise, they need innovation, and most importantly they need revenue results.

Enter the right marketing agency.  Notice the word “right” in the previous sentence.  The right marketing agency will give you a team full of experts, across the various fields that make up today’s marketing world.  The right marketing agency will put together a plan for your business that is always evolving and adapting based on real data.  The right marketing agency will serve as a detached marketing department, integrated within your business seamlessly.

Most importantly, the right marketing agency gives you all the above for a fraction of what it would cost to hire internally full time.  As a business owner, you should be paying for output and results – not lunch breaks, web surfing, and PTO.

Imagine what your payroll would look like if you only had to pay for productive work time.  Would you save money?  Would the work effort from your team increase?

That’s the beauty of working with a marketing partner like Radius.  Imagine being able to hire 3-4 marketing experts for the same price you spend on 1 entry level position today.  Think your production will rise?

Now imagine that impact on a full-scale.  You could get the expertise and abilities of a marketing team triple your size and decades more experience, and cut expenses at the same time.

So I ask again.  Why would you ever hire more marketing staff?