The marketing and PR fields are contently changing. We want to make sure you are always in the know. We’ve picked out what is trending this week and wanted to share the latest and greatest in the industry.

Marketers are Drooling Over Facial Recognition

For the average consumer, Face ID technology is the trendiest way to unlock a cellphone. But for the average marketer, facial recognition is a pioneering tool, which could immensely improve advertising. As Face ID technology advances, experts claim it will be able to detect facial expressions, which can gauge viewer interest. Marketers will be able use this information to quickly learn what users like and dislike and then serve them better, more personalized ads. See how Facial ID has the potential to change the game of marketing here:

Coca-Cola Adapts to Digital

Currently 2% of grocery sales are online, but by 2025, it is expected that 20% of grocery sales will be e-commerce. This future expectation sparked the attention of Coca-Cola. John Carroll, the VP of e-commerce for Coca-Cola stated, “we’re following the consumer and where they’re going.” The company showcased an online pairing system, which pairs beverages with various meal kits. Coca-Cola also plans to expand its online sales by shipping products like Mexican Coke directly to consumers. Learn more about Coca-Cola’s digital efforts here:

Cyber Monday Makes History

On Cyber Monday, online sales reached a record $6.59 billion, according to Adobe Insights. This is a 16.85 increase from last year. Mobile sales also reached $2 billion in a 24-hour period for the first time in history. This year’s Cyber champion –Amazon. It is estimated that the retail giant took 50% of total e-commerce holiday sales, selling millions of its Alexa-enabled devices. Read more Cyber Monday insights here:

BMW’s New Magazine-esque Website

BMW replaced the tradition product pictures of fancy cars and flashy features with BuzzFeed-style mini articles and GQ-like features. The content includes interviews with up-and-coming rappers, a series on the lavish lifestyles of BMW’s richest drivers, and even topics like absurd traffic laws from around the world. The brand hopes to build an editorial voice that appeals to a younger demographic. Learn more about BMW’s online strategy here: