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P&G Releases Powerful Winter Olympic Short

Proctor & Gamble released a new short film, “Love Over Bias.” This campaign capitalizes on the excitement of the upcoming Winter Olympics, and focuses on topics like ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion. The video depicts several mothers supporting their children who are faced with discrimination. With these types of topics, it is easy for a brand to appear disingenuous, but P&G uses real stories and big data to succeed. Learn more and watch the video here:

Adidas Launches New App

Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted announces a new primary focus –digital media. He explained the brand will be backing away from TV advertising, and will be offering new ways for consumers to explore and discover through an app. The new personalized app hosts products from the online store and a chatbot to take customer questions. This will allow Adidas to respond immediately and exceed customer expectation. Read more about the new application here:

Zappos Uses Real Customer Stories

In a new series of advertisements, Zappos alludes to its reputation for outstanding customer service. All of the ads label themselves as “based on true stories,” and use the tagline, “Our vow is to wow.” One clip features a toddler and her father preparing for her ballet performance. After ordering and returning pair after pair of shoes, her true style is revealed at her recital. Learn more about this fun campaign here:

Video Marketing

The popularity of video content is no surprise, but here are a few compelling numbers that explain why companies should use more video. Companies that use video marketing see 41% more organic traffic. Home pages with video see 20% more conversions and landing pages with video see 80% more. Also, people retain 95% of information from video content, compared to 10% through reading. Not convinced to use more video? Read this:

Sponsored Messages are now in Facebook Messenger

Facebook will allow advertisers to send users sponsored messages directly through the Facebook Messenger, which currently has over 1 billion monthly users. Facebook will not be reading user’s conversations to improve targeting, but it will utilize preexisting targeting features to send these messages. Also, users can select how many sponsored messages they receive. Is Messenger the next frontier for directly reaching consumers? Join the conversation here: