The world of business is ever dynamic, with new marketing strategies, maturing generations and new product development. Stay up to date and in the conversation with these weekly topics.

Checkout Virtual Reality

 Virtual commerce is now a reality with Swarovski. In several retail locations consumers can try a bedazzled VR headset. Instead of looking at products on a store shelf, consumers can interact with various crystals siting on a credenza or sofa table in a high-end virtual home. This represents the first checkout option for virtual reality. Is this the future of luxury shopping? Learn more about the virtual buying experience here:

Sea Streaming 

Cruise line or media company? After creating four original series for cable TV, Carnival Cruise Line is creating its own streaming channel with two new streaming series. Guests aboard the cruise ship will be able to access the channel. Those stuck on land can enjoy the channel via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku. Do you think this strategy will build demand amongst the 75% of Americans who have never experienced a cruise? Read more here:

Twitter Doubles Tweet Character Limit

Twitter has started testing 280-character tweets, doubling the original character limit. Twitter’s goal is to allow users to be more expressive and end editing frustration. Many twitter users claim doubling the character limit will ruin the entire experience and make their timeline insufferable. Read more and weigh in with your thoughts:

Time to Appeal to ‘Gen Z’ 

75 million Americans represent Generation Z. These people are the first generation to grow up with the Internet, smartphones, and streaming television. They also represent a large segment of the future consumer landscape. Brands across the world are investing millions to appeal to this demographic. What can be done to make your brand Gen Z friendly? Discover eight helpful steps here:

Wake Up Next to Alexa 

Three years ago Amazon released the Echo Smart Speaker. Now Amazon is releasing an array of new Alexa devices with improved technology specific to various parts of the home. Many of the new deceives can control lights and appliances. Find out more about Amazon’s Echo and Alexa products and how they can become a larger part of the home landscape here: