The marketing and PR fields are constantly changing. We want to make sure that you are always in the know. We’ve picked out what is trending this week and wanted to share the latest and greatest in the industry.

Social Media Growth

81% of the United States population has at least one social media account according to Statista.   Social media is the perfect way for brands to connect with their consumers and keep them engaged. With new platforms constantly arising, don’t get left behind. Check out how to jump on board with social media, here:

Hosting a Great Event

Putting on a big event for your brand isn’t easy. What’s even more challenging? Getting the media there to cover it. After countless hours put into your upcoming event, you want the public to know about it. So how do you get the right attention? Learn how to get great media coverage at your next event, here:

Release Date

After eight years in prison, O.J. Simpson has been granted parole. The 70-year-old former NFL player was convicted of armed robbery back in 2008. Simpson has been in the criminal spotlight since 1994 when he allegedly killed his ex-wife and her friend. The chronicles of Simpson not only have been a hot topic on the news, but in the entertainment industry as well. People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story has been continuously rated as one of cable’s top shows. Learn more about Simpson, his release and the conditions, here:

Fast Food Love

*Warning* Content might make you hungry. Are you a Big Mac connoisseur? Can differentiate Pizza Hut from any other chain? Know the Colonel’s chicken like the back of your hand? If so, you need to add fast food apparel into your wardrobe. Learn more about the latest fashion craze, here: 


Your favorite resource for recipe videos is coming out with an app. Buzzed has announced that they are developing an app for Tasty. While it is unclear when the app will launch, it’s common knowledge that Tasty has been a viral phenomenon. Since its creation, Tasty has acquired 87.5 million Facebook followers, 12.3 million Instagram followers and 490,000 Twitter followers. Check out more about the platform and what you can expect, here: