The marketing and PR fields are constantly changing. We want to make sure that you are always in the know. We’ve picked out what is trending this week and wanted to share the latest and greatest in the industry.

Watch and See

22 billion videos are viewed daily according to Rendrfx. While that might seem like a lot, break it down in platforms— between Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube — that number isn’t so surprising. Two of the three platforms are dedicated to video and over the last few years, Facebook has been transitioning to become a more visual-based platform. Why does this matter? Consumers like video, which means, your brand needs to embrace the visual. See which videos your brand needs to have any why they’re so important, here:

Honesty is the Best Policy

It is a great feeling knowing someone cares about you and wants the best. Well, that’s how consumers want brands to make them feel too. They want to know that a brand is delivering the best product/service possible and is really looking out for their customers. In fact, it’s been found that consumers will shop loyally with a brand they trust compared to one they don’t. Check out why it’s important to be open and honest with you consumers and how to do so, here:

Give an Inch Take a Mile

Snapchat is one of the most recent social media platforms to open itself up to advertisements. The app has created the option for advertisers to use a self-service platform in creating ads. Meaning, that any brand can create video Snap Ads that users see. While that is great for advertisers, consumers aren’t loving because the ads are not so good. See more about the ads and how brands are taking advantage of this open ad space, here:

The Forecast Predicts Politics

After President Trump chose to remove the United States from the Paris climate accord, the Weather Channel and National Geographic have made it clear that they don’t agree. The Weather Channel got snarky with headlines and the National Geographic has replaced its entire homepage with climate change-related articles. Learn more about climate change and why these news sources aren’t afraid to speak up, here:


We’re taking a look back at ads that were released years ago and remembering that no matter what decade you’re in— nothing will ever beat great content and creative artwork. No matter how advanced the digital, advertising and PR worlds get— stick to your roots of strong content and creative. Check out these classic ads and be reminded why hard work pays off, here: