The marketing and PR fields are constantly changing. We want to make sure that you are always in the know. We’ve picked out what is trending this week and wanted to share the latest and greatest in the industry.

Glamorous Life of PR

While public relations might be portrayed as fabulous in the media, it isn’t all champagne and caviar. Behind the put-together appearance and what looks like complete ease, is tactic. Hours of preparation, strategy and detail go into every single project. Learn more about what public relations is and why we are so good at it, here:

How To Be Successful

If you’re new in this industry, there are a couple of lessons you need to pick up. One of the most important- ask questions. To thrive in your career you need to learn, and the easiest way to learn is to ask questions. Doing so will help you improve in your role and show your superiors that you are committed to your position. Check out more on how to be successful in your career, here:

Nugget Update

18 million RT’s is a lot. While 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson, attempted to gain 18 million RT’s for a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets– he was unsuccessful. However, even though he fell short of his goal, Wendy’s decided to reward him. See more about about Carter and his prize, here:

A Moment Like This

American Idol is back. After the show ended last year, it was recently announced that ABC will be reviving the series. The network believes American Idol to be a pop culture staple that ended too soon.  Although there isn’t an exact date of when the show will be back, or who the judges will be– rumor has it that the first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, is considering taking a judge position. Learn more about the original singing competition revival, here:

Visual Upgrade

Snapchat has released a feature that allows a user to turn their videos into loops. Some industry insiders are saying Snapchat has taken this Boomerang- like feature from Instagram because Instagram has copied a number of Snapchat’s original features. Check out the details on Snapchat’s latest update and see how similar you think the two are, here: