Virtual Reality Promotes New Saw Movie

During New York Comic-Con, Lionsgate and Unity Technologies created a VR experience to promote the new movie Jigsaw. The experience includes real props from the movie, a voice-over from actor Tobin Bell and shrines to the eight previous films in the franchise. Interactive VR ads boost viewing time by 47%, so what does this mean for the film production industry? Find out more here:


Dove: A Social Message Gone Wrong

Over the weekend Dove released a three second Facebook advertisement that went viral. Many consumers claim that the GIF ad was upsetting and even racist. While companies are not people, they are commonly getting involved in social issues. With an estimated 210 billion to be spent on advertising this year alone, should companies use this money to support current societal issues? What are the potential benefits and risks involved? Learn more here:


Bodyform Is in the Red

The feminine hygiene brand has ditched the industry norm of using blue liquid in advertisements. This new #bloodnormal campaign portrays real-life experiences in hopes to normalize periods. This is an important issue, as one in five women say their confidence is damaged because periods are not discussed openly. Read more about the campaign, watch the commercial, and see what Bodyform’s marketing direct has to say here:


Toyota to Target Drivers

Toyota has partnered with Kinetic to use real-time traffic data to target drivers based on the circumstances of their travel. In 70 different locations throughout the UK, drivers will be shown a different billboard message depending on how fast they are driving when they approach the billboard. For example, cars going 6-19mph will see “I want to Brake Free – Stopping and Starting Costs Nothing in Electric Mode.” See how this live data can boost Toyotas hybrid campaign here: