90 percent of digital marketers include a visual element (video, photos, infographics, etc.) into their content according to a recent report by Venngage. This recent report was formed from data gathered by a survey developed in the fourth quarter of 2016 featuring 300 online marketers.

Why the shift to visual content? Analytics have shown that content without a visual element is likely to be looked over and forgotten quickly. Make sure your brand stands out amongst the rest with quality, visual content that will enhance your consumers’ experience.

Those who participated in the survey stated that the visual elements most often used in their posts are original graphics (30 percent of respondents say they use them the most), 15% videos and at the very least include an eye-catching photo. Discover what elements work best for you brand.

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Does your brand lend itself well to video content or do you have products that need to be featured via attractive photographs instead? Maybe a combination of both would work best. Experiment with different forms of visual and see how to display your brand best.

Marketers who were apart of the survey stated that original infographics are the most effective visual element to draw in consumers and provide visually appealing content to interest them in the brand. When it comes to content that is visually aesthetic (42 percent state they are the most effective). Unique charts/data visual pieces come in second place (26 percent).

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This year is the perfect time to do more with visual content and storytelling about your brand. The more visual your content is, the easier it is for consumers to become engaged and want to learn more about your brand.