Snapchat has unleashed new features and brands should be excited. Since the birth of Snapchat, we’ve watched it evolve from a platform used for disappearing photos into an elite stage for international news, pop culture and of course— 10 second disappearing photos/videos.

Snapchat has worked hard to remain relevant to consumers, journalists and celebrities over the years. Businesses have not always been able to get as excited about Snapchat, however.

Through the latest updates, brands finally have the opportunity to shine and a reason to become more interested in the platform.  Say hello to backdrops, voice filters and most importantly the paperclip. How can you use these features to grow your business?  Find out below:


Want a fun way to show off your latest product? Insert Snapchat backdrops. This feature lets you cut an object from your snap and put a backdrop behind it. These VR backdrops help a product shine when the surrounding environment is not flattering. 

Pro tip: While this is a fun option for brands to use, we recommend using it sparingly. Don’t annoy followers by putting a backdrop behind every snap.

Voice Filters

With this feature you might be thinking, “Why should my brand care about a voice filter?” Now, it might not be your favorite update, but it is certainly worth testing out. Trends in social media always revolve around showcasing personality.

Think of Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Sour Patch Kids. All have a strong social media following and a big reason for that is their personality. They aren’t afraid to test out new strategies (like voice filters) to keep their follower base entertained and engaged. Take a risk and try this feature out on your platform to see how your followers respond.


Now for the most exciting feature— Paperclip. With the new Paperclip feature, users can attach a website link within a snap that followers can open up. Before the update, only ads and Discovery stories could share links within a Snap.

Your brand should be excited about Paperclip because now you can share links to your products/services within Snapchat. Showcasing the latest product? Paperclip the link. Featuring a service special? Paperclip the link. Not only can this increase activity with your followers, but can lead to sales.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is the best way to keep your brand relevant. While it is a lot of work to master marketing and put out strong, engaging and charismatic content— it is imperative. Don’t let your brand get left in the past and adapt to the latest movement.