Radius Media Agency Welcomes New Client: Indy-Based Singer Lynda Sayyah


Radius Media Agency is proud to announce the addition of singer Lynda Sayyah to its client roster.  RMA, which specializes in brand management, public relations and digital strategies, will work with the Indy native to develop her brand and expand her reach outside of Indianapolis.


“We are excited to have such an amazing talent working with us,” said RMA Founder and CEO Doug Winegardner.  “Lynda has a work ethic that is unrivaled in the music industry and drive that will take her to great places.”


Sayyah is a 5-octave singer known for her impressive range and pop flare. She was voted “Indy’s Sexiest Musician” and featured on the cover of Indy’s Metromix Magazine in 2009. Her music has had local and national success, with a number one requested single on Indianapolis Top 40 radio stations, as well as a featured song on the national network CW4.

Now, the trilingual pop singer, who plans to release albums in English, Spanish and Arabic, is eager to take her music to an international level.


“Beyond her obvious talent, Lynda’s story also caught our attention,” said Winegardner. “Growing up with a strict Muslim father made her have to truly persevere in order to pursue her dreams.”


Sayyah has pushed forward to continue her music career and draws upon her past experiences when writing her lyrics. Her energy is evident in her music, as well as her performances, which include dancers and a live band of drums, bass, guitar and keys. RMA is eager to create a public relations strategy that embodies the same energy and excitement as the singer herself.


“Lynda is all about female empowerment,” said Winegardner. “In addition to her music, we look forward to spreading her message & experiences to women everywhere.”


Sayyah’s newest single, “Uh Oh” from her “Love is Hell” EP will be released soon. Further information on Lynda Sayyah can be found at www.lyndasayyah.com




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