Event planning is challenging enough, but planning a great event and getting media attention is no easy feat. The added pressure of inviting the right media, getting great coverage and having enough time to give each media personnel the attention they need can make even the greatest event planner’s stress go off the charts.

So how can you get media coverage for your brand’s next big event with minimal stress? Check out our secrets to success.

Do Your Homework

Before you send out invitations to every media personnel there is, do a little research. See what type of content they typically cover. If you have a restaurant/bar event then you can go ahead and skip sending the invitation to the reporter that covers gardening. They more than likely won’t be covering a restaurant/bar story.

Also, check out media personnel that have recently done coverage on an event similar to your upcoming one. You’ll have a better idea of specific media to invite and you will have greater confidence in their reporting ability when it comes to your event.

Be Personable

When you want to invite specific media to your event, don’t send them generic invitations. Customize the invitation that you send to each reporter. Address them by name and add a sentence or two on why you would like to see them at the event. The more personable an invitation is, the more likely a journalist will want to cover your event.

Provide Attention

As an event planner it can be difficult to handle all of the big and little details that lead up to an event. However, if you want solid media coverage for your event it is important to provide media with attention they need. Whether that’s a few emails and phone calls leading up to the occasion or greeting the media once they enter the door—stay attentive. Offer to answer any of their questions, set up any interviews they might want, give them optimal space for photographs, provide a tour, etc. Giving them the information they need will only lead to better and thorough coverage.

Whether you’re planning a huge product release, grand opening or just a celebration of some sort—the media can be a great asset. Use these tips above to have a stronger media presence and event coverage.