In today’s market it’s easy to see that consumers want visuals. Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Instagram and more have taken video content to the next level. Today it’s so simple for consumers to scroll through their newsfeed and get caught up on everything going on around the world. Video can be a great way for a brand to make sure that their content stands out and doesn’t just become white noise.

Think Strategy

It’s important to schedule the release of your content. Are your videos more relevant during a certain time of year or particular times of day?

Remember to space videos apart. You don’t want to release 10 videos in a day and have zero visual content for the next few weeks. Keep a steady stream to keep viewers engaged and interactive with your brand.

Sometimes Less is More

It’s crucial to be wary of time when releasing video content. Consumers don’t want to sit and watch a 10-minute video. In fact, according to Facebook the most successful videos are under two minutes long.

Quality Over Quantity

Do not put content out there just to put it out. Consumers want to watch a video that will add value to their life and take something away from it. You never want a viewer to watch your video and think, ‘Why did I watch that?’

 Think of Your Audience First

Have a targeted audience in mind when creating your content. Imagine what they would want to see from your brand and do your best to deliver it. Consumers’ will feel much more loyal to your brand if a video makes a connection.

Interact With Your Followers

Let your brand’s consumers’ feel like their opinions are being heard. Listen to what they want to see more of and what they don’t care for. In the end it will help you put out your best content yet.

Be Mindful of the Stats

A great asset of almost all video platforms is that creators can see the impact their videos made through analytics. You get an idea of what types of videos work for your brand and which ones to not do again.

Video content is one of the best ways a brand can get their message out. Make sure your brand provides quality content that brings consumers back for more.