As I lie awake, a million thoughts racing through my head, I realize that I am experiencing yet another signature entrepreneur moment: the sleepless night.

We all know the feeling.  The mere light of the alarm clock is the only thing shining, and yet it seems to light the entire room. You find yourself glancing at it and quickly doing the math.  “If
I fall asleep now, I can still get 5 hours… 4 hours…”

I can’t complain though. Often some of my best ideas come from times likes these.  It is often the only time I truly can find silence.  I tend to have my Ambiance iPhone app running the sounds of a storm in the city, however.

The solutions to nights like these are often not what they seem.  While you may be worrying about an upcoming client or a big project, I have found that having good answers to these 5 questions is the key to earning a great night of sleep.

1. Have I taken time to appreciate the chance to see another day?
Let’s be honest.  Each and every day is a blessing.  The minute we lose sight of that is the moment we lose our perspective. Take a moment each day to appreciate the chance to live, the chance to spend another day chasing your dreams.

2. Have I given my love to the people who love me?
No one can accomplish their goals alone.  We need love and support.  I can’t tell you how many times a simple show of belief from someone I love has sparked my fire and drive.  Keep in mind those people need the same love and support that can help you conquer your goals.

3. Have I made an impact today?
We all have the ability to create change in the world around us.  Any positive impact, large or small, has the ability to leave this place a little bit better than we found it.  As entrepreneurs we all dream of making a change in this world, but we can often lose sight of how little actions can make impacts every day.

4. Have I done my best?
Nothing is worse than the feeling of “I wish I would have…worked harder, done more, etc.”. We can’t predict the future, but I can tell you nothing good happens tomorrow without hard work and dedication today.  Chances are, as an entrepreneur, there are several people who wish they could be in our shoes.  Let’s not lose sight of that and forget the responsibility and privilege that we have.

5. Have I acted the same in private as I want portrayed in public?
Behind closed doors, people can become much different than you would expect.  I have always believed that business should be done responsibly and ethically.  Yet we all know “that person” who seems to get away with murder.  At the end of the day, I will trade in their fortune for a clean conscious.  Truthfully, I believe I will have the last laugh anyways.

If feel that if I can answer those 5 questions positively, I am able to saw logs with the best of them.  Truth be told, thinking about my answers as I wrote this article, I found myself fast asleep. That’s why this article was finished the following morning.

Doug Winegardner is the CEO & Founder or Radius Media Agency.