If there is one thing that is constant in business, and in life, it’s change.  If change is constant, this means that your business is either in a state of growth or one of deterioration.  Nothing ever stays the same.

Look no further than your own body for proof.  Depending on the lunch you ate or the workout you completed, you are either stronger and healthier than yesterday or weaker.  You’ve either extended your natural life span, or accelerated your demise.

Depressing huh?

But it doesn’t have to be.  Applied in the right way and it can change the way you look at each day.

Depending on your actions each and every day, you’ve either growth your company’s revenue, profit, and potential or you’ve shrunk them.  There is no staying put.

A couple days of downward momentum won’t kill your business, just like a week of vacation and indulgence won’t end your life.  But it is very easy to continue down the wrong side of the hill.

Upward momentum, on the other hand, takes constant commitment and effort.

Here’s how to build your own momentum:

1. Make a list of four areas in your life and work that are important to you.

2. Resolve to take at least one action, every day, to improve that area of your life.

3. Schedule those actions into your daily routine.

4. Execute your plan.


So for example, one of my personal goals is to build sales for my agency.  So, under the sales category I have committed to contact at least 3 prospects each day to tell them more about my company and how we can help them.

Under the family category, I have vowed to make sure each day I tell my fiance (or wife depending on when you read this) that I love her, and no matter how busy my mind might be – spend quality time listening to her day.

This process applies across many different areas of growth and personal goals. By commiting to this strategy, you will build momentum that can carry many elements of your life.