1. Budweiser

Since Budweiser began they have been able to provide an experience with each of their ads. With this campaign they don’t just give viewers beer; they give them a hot day at the pool with attractive women.

Budweiser has stayed at the top of the field when it comes to creating emotion and experiences through advertisements. Each advertisement leaves you with different sentiment but they always leave one taste in your mouth – Budweiser. 

  1. Coca-Cola Polar Bears

Coca-Cola has been the king of soda since its creation. With its polar bear commercials the brand was able to take soda and create deeper emotion through this campaign. Not only did they give viewers an emotional tug but they were able to create other marketable-polar bear products and sell them as collectibles to continue the conversation and keep Coca-Cola a conversation topic.

  1. iTunes Silhouette


Apple created this unforgettable ad in the early 2000s and it became an instant hit. They were able to sell emotion with the energy and excitement of the videos rather than pushing the physical iPods and iTunes.  The stark white of the ear buds took the product to an iconic level and became a trademark of Apple products.

  1. Nike

Three words, one swoosh. Without even writing the company name consumers can picture “Just Do It”. Nike created an iconic brand and an epic campaign to go along with it. Just Do It has been tied to just about all of Nike’s campaigns since its creation. Nike accomplished with what a lot of brands have tried to do – have instant brand recognition.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been at the top of the fast food chain since its creation. Known for hamburgers and fries served under golden arches. Its ad speaks to a consumer’s cravings and drives them into their local McDonald’s for a fast, convenient and delicious meal.

  1. Campbell’s Soup

Mmm! Mmm! Good! That’s a tagline that every person knew while growing up. Campbell’s not only created a popular soup but an iconic brand as well. From the companies start they have been producing popular ads, like this one, that has created emotion.

  1. The Marlboro Man

The Marlboro Man ads began running in the 1950s and he wasn’t just selling cigarettes. The ads displayed the power of a brand by creating a lifestyle and selling a product around it. The Marlboro Man represented what it meant to be a rugged, free and have the ideal life of a man.

  1. Old Spice

This commercial and series of ads created an uproar. Everyone knew the Old Spice man. The ads are targeted for women to display “The man your man could smell like”. Old Spice did a fantastic job with imagery and displaying a lifestyle rather than just a product. Old Spice has become a classic due to these series of ads.

The lesson from this? If your campaign has gained speed with fans and followers do everything you can to keep the momentum going and viewers engaged all while promoting and keeping true to your brand.

  1. I Want You!

The classic “I want you for the U.S. Army” was created during WWII to instill a positive outlook about the war and enticing people to enlist. Uncle Sam tugged on people’s emotions during the war by playing with their fears, frustrations and faith in American freedom.

What has made this campaign poster such a classic in America is that it is still prevalent today. Today the poster is used not only in military use but also in common culture (movies, print ads, clothing, etc.).

  1. We Can Do It

The 1943 wartime propaganda poster was created as an inspirational image to boost worker morale. Not only did this poster by the War Production Coordinating Committee lift spirits during WWII but it created an iconic character – Rosie the Riveter. Rosie is still celebrated today and used in current campaign materials.

  1. Cheerios Christmas

This commercial is iconic because it’s not just selling a product; it’s selling memories and giving viewers the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes along with the holidays and family. This commercial aired in the late 90s but has stayed relevant and continues to play during the holiday season.

  1. Ecovia: Stop the Violence

This campaign is all about emotion. They want to make viewers think and feel what they are conveying. Through their Stop the Violence ads they put a different perspective on such a prevalent issue.

  1. Super Bowl No More


This was the first-ever Super Bowl commercial created to address and bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault. No More partnered with the NFL and produced a groundbreaking campaign with two commercials and NFL players, celebrities and athletes using their platform to stand up and say no more to abuse.

  1. Got Milk

Such a simple question but took its campaign to extraordinary levels. The iconic ads gained much popularity with all of their star power backing. Athletes, models, actors and even fictional characters wore the infamous milk mustache and asked, “Got Milk?”

  1. The Guardian- The Three Little Pigs


In 2012 this advertisement for the Guardian was unleashed. The popularity of the ad came from taking a classic children’s story and transforming it into a modern and relevant issue. The commercial displays how the Guardian might cover the story in print and online, all followed with a worldwide social media discussion. Plus, with the unexpected conclusion they drew in viewers to experience the new storyline.

  1. This is What a Honda Feels Like

Honda stepped outside of the box with this commercial. They used a choir of 60 to recreate all the sounds made by the new Honda Civic. This ad stands out from the rest due to its unique angle of creating a sensory commercial with unique sound and visuals.