We talk with a lot of start-up companies and young entrepreneurs every day.  When asked to describe their brand, or their concept, it seems as though we are always hearing many of the same buzz-words.

These are descriptors that are designed to set the brand apart, and make them different.  But the question remains, if you are using the same words as every other company, how exactly are you supposed to be different.

Next time you want to tell someone about your brand or your big idea, make sure to leave these words out of the equation.


If you have to tell people that your brand or experience is authentic, that presents a problem.  If you have to tell everyone how “real” you are, you aren’t real enough for me.


Rebel! Down with the status quo!  You are shaking the world up and nothing will ever be the same.

Sorry to tell you this, but just because you say you are disruptive does not mean you actually are.  Very few companies disrupt the market, and those who do let their actions and product speak for them.


You know what would be a game-changer?  If everyone stopped using the phrase game-changer to begin with.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all about having a unique culture at your company.  However, if your culture starts becoming your focal point more so than your product or service, you are just another wannabe.

True company culture is developed to improve the quality of the item that you actually generate revenue from – not a bragging topic.